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Company Info

Shanghai Shengjun Polymer Co. Ltd.,

Shengjun Polymer is a key developer of leading advanced materials and specialize in solving application challenges. Innovation is our business as we focus on the research and development for Polyimide.

Our polyimide material is a range of non- melting high-temperature polyimides which are characterized by the following properties:
  • No melting point,high strength over a wide temperature range from –280 °C to +300 °C
  • Excellent friction and wear properties – even without lubrication
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • High compressive and creep strength
  • High radiation resistance
  • High purity, low outgassing in vacuum
  • Minimal thermal expansion
  • Long-term thermal stability up to 300 °C ˌ excursions to 480°C
  • Good chemical resistance to acids, fats and solvents
  • Good cryogenic properties
  • Inherently flame resistant (UL 94 V0)


Semiconductor & Electronic
Manufacturing / Testing
Glass industry
Industrial Wear Applications
Aerospace and Aircraft
Energy & Material Handling
Science instrument
Mechanical engineering / vacuum technology

Our products

Powder for HCM (Hot Compression Molding)
Powder for DF (Direct-Formed)
Powder for reinforcing PTFE

Polyimide molding compound
Polyimide molded shapes (rods, plates, short tubes, discs)
Polyimide Direct-Formed parts
Polyimide Machined parts
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